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Miten olisi joululahjaksi upea revontulikuvioin koristeltu palasaippua tai piparmintun tuoksuinen sokerikuorinta ihon hemmotteluhetkiin? Tai miksei molemmat!

Care For Your Lips

Ihan Pihkassa -huulirasvat. Hurmaavat Hunajahuulet ja Tyrmäävä Tyrnisuukko.

Stunning Sea Buckthorn & Happy Honey Lips

We had used lip balms for years without finding one that would reach our high standards. After years of searching we decided to make our own lip balms to meet the highest requirements. This is why we started the development of two Ihan Pihkassa lip balms and it took plenty of diligent and careful work. Coming up with these lovely names, on the other hand, took a hilarious road trip. As a result we now have Stunning Sea Buckthorn and Happy Honey Lips. These Finnish lip balms keep your lips moisturized for a long time even in freezing weather. They are great for under lipstick. From the buttons below, you'll be able to read more about these lip balms. On these pages you can also find product reviews so make sure to read them too!

Resin Balm

Handmade Ihan Pihkassa Resin Balm is made from spruce resin of the clean Finnish nature. Spruce resin has been used in traditional healing for centuries. Even today Resin Balm is known for it's healing and renewing effects on the skin.

Herbal Salve

The herbs in Ihan Pihkassa Herbal Salve, such as common yarrow and nettle soothens and nurtures the skin. Herbal Salve is designed to bring relief for the challenges our skin faces every day. Herbal Salve can for example help with itchy mosquito bites.

Bath Bombs

The herbs of Ihan Pihkassa Bath Bombs nurture the skin. Different herbs have slightly different, skin-cherishing, effects. In our shop you can find Camomile-Lavender Bath Bombs and Herbal Baths. We aim to collect as many of the herbs we use ourselves.

Ihan Pihkassa -pihkavoide


The story of Ihan Pihkassa -tarina is built on the exotic Resin Balm from the North. There is two of us founding partners and for both of us Resin Balm is a trusted help. One balm for many, sometimes surprising, problems. In addition to resin, this balm includes canola oil and beeswax, which are both in the balm for a reason. Canola oil and beeswax both moisturize and nourish the skin. In addition the vitamin A in beeswax supports the structure and renewing of skin cells.

Our skin faces many challenges during our lifetime and Resin Balm is designed to help the skin in as many ways as possible. For this purpose resin together with beeswax is an outstanding combination. In home remedy resin salve has been used for a wide variety of skin problems. Resin Balm can be used from time to time for a lighter rash or as a course for more resilient problems.

Our Assortment

You can find different kinds of Resin Balms, Lip Balms, Herbal Salve, Massage Oil, Bath Bombs and Herbal Baths. All of our products are handmade in Northern Finland. We want to expand our product selection according to our customers wishes so please contact us if you'd like to see some new product in our store.

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