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How do you use Resin Balm?

Ihan Pihkassa Resin Balm can be used from time to time or as a course. For example, for a mild eczema, applying Resin Balm only a few times might be enough but for a more persistent problem might need more frequent using. When using Resin Balm as a course, you might want to apply the Balm a few times a day or when ever the skin seems to need it. Resin Balm is not recommended for constant use. In serious skin problems you should always see a doctor.

What can I use Resin Balm for?

Resin Balm can be used for many skin problems but in severe skin problems you should always see a doctor. Resin Balm has been used as a home remedy for dry and cracked heels, atopical eczema, psoriasis, small wounds and athlete's foot, for example.

How does Resin Balm work?

Ihan Pihkassa Resin Balm moisturizes, nourishes and renews the skin. Resin and beeswax in the Resin Balm are also antibacterial which can come in handy depending what Resin Balm is used for.

Is Resin Balm sticky?

No. Even though resin is sticky in nature, Ihan Pihkassa Resin Balm is not. In room temperature Resin Balm is a little more solid than salves usually tend to be.

Why shouldn't meadowsweet be used with blood thinning medication?

Meadowsweet contains salicylic acid which is known as the nature's own aspirin. Like aspirin, meadowsweet makes blood thinner. Together with blood thinning medication, this might make the blood too thin. Of our products, onlt Ihan Pihkassa Herbal Salve contains meadowsweet.

Is Resin Balm vegan?

There is a vegan option in Ihan Pihkassa Resin Balms. Our vegan Resin Balm contains 20% of resin.

Can you eat Resin Balm?

Ihan Pihkassa Resin Balm is meant for external use only and it shouldn't be used internally. However, Resin Balm doesn't contain dangerous or toxic ingredients. Resin Balm contains canola oil, spruce resin and beeswax.

From which tree is the resin in Resin Balm from?

We use spruce resin in Ihan Pihkassa Spruce Balm.

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