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Who are Ihan Pihkassa?

Behind this firm there is two women, a mother and a daughter, Hanna and Jenni. Through Hanna's studies in the field of natural products, we got acquainted and fell in love with Resin Balms. Inspired by this we decided to start our own company - we need to tell others about this amazing product! Now for a little more than a year we have introduced resin salves to many, many people and to our joy, many have found a help from our Resin Balm to even some very persistent problems, for example to cracked heels, eczema or something else. Receiving feedback from customers who found help from our resin salve warms our heart very much.

During our journey, we have develop new products from which we might mention our popular lip balms: Stunning Sea buckthorn and Happy Honey lips. We came up with these names on a road trip when we were wondering how to name such lovely lip balms. That was mother-daughter quality time at it's finest!


Our values are the cornerstone of everything we do. Principles of domesticity, naturalness responsibility guide our every-day actions and all our decisions.

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Why Ihan Pihkassa?

Ihan Pihkassa is a youthful and responsible small company providing ecological options for cosmetics. For example we don't use palm oil in our products and we continuously aim to reduce the amount of waste generated by our production. We use natural ingredients in our products so that people could be able to enjoy the pure Finnish nature in one of it's many forms.


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Essential oils in natural cosmetics

Scents can, in a single whiff, transport you to a specific memory or evoke something entirely new. Creating a vivid image, a scent blurs the boundaries of time and place, and suddenly, you find yourself in a different setting. Imagine the warm and soothing scent of lavender – you can envision yourself strolling through the lavender fields of Provence, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the air filled with the intoxicating aroma of lavender...

Magical midsummer

Midsummer, a brief respite even for those who are not on vacation. The nightless night. The midnight sun. Light from morning to morning. Finnish summer is at its most beautiful. The leaves of trees create a lush landscape everywhere. In the meadows, amidst the green, you can see white, yellow, pink, violet – the summer's floral splendor is at its peak. Midsummer has been a time of magic. Various spells have been associated with ensuring marriage luck or a good harvest...

Lip balm addict

My history with lip balms has been quite desperate. None of them seemed to work well in the long run, especially as I got older. Eventually, I found one that was reasonably good, but I had to reapply it very frequently to keep my lips in somewhat decent condition. Especially in the winter cold, it felt like nothing was enough. I added lip balm again and again. And again. Still, my lips felt dry and chapped. The dryness was a constant battle...