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Ihan Pihkassa values

The foundation of our operations are our values which guide us in our every-day actions and decisions. Our values are the cornerstone of everything we do. We have summarised everything important to us into three concepts: The principles of Domesticity, Naturalness and Responsibility guide our every-day actions as well as all of our decisions.


All of our products are handmade in Finland. We try to hand pick the herbs and spruce resin we use from the clean nature of Northern Finland or acquire those from a reliable Finnish source. This way we can be certain of the origins of the raw materials. For example all the herbs used in our Herbal Salve can be found in the Finnish nature. In other matters we always favor Finnish as well.

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We can be proud of our pure nature and forests here in Finland. Ihan Pihkassa wants to use what this nature can offer to increase all of our wellbeing without harming the nature. Naturalness in cosmetics is becoming more and more popular and we wish to offer our knowhow to support this trend.

We value being responsible in it's every aspect. Concerning the environment our responsible actions can be seen for example in the fact that all the ingredients collected from the nature are collected in ways that don't harm the nature or it's vitality. We also don't test our products with animals. We aim to continuously develop our functions and lead our processes to an even more responsible direction. By taking care of the nature we can ensure that even in the future it is possible to enjoy Finnish natural products.

A few words about responsibility

Ihan Pihkassa Jenni Romppainen

Being ecological is very important to us and it is one of the cornerstones of our actions. However, being responsible means much more to us than just being ecological. We want to be a reliable company which listens to it's customers and where bureaucracy isn't a barrier for fast competent customer service. To us being responsible also means true customer oriented approach. Customer satisfactions is important to us and our customers can rely on the fact that shopping with us is safe.

-J. Romppainen

Ihan Pihkassa -pihkavoide

Behind the jars of Resin Salve

What is the journey of a product, starting as raw materials and ending up with a customer, like? Herbs or resin that can be collected from the Finnish nature, we like to collect ourself or buy those from a trusted Finnish source who has collected these ingredients responsibly. We always favor Finnish but unfortunately you don't find all the raw materials here in the north. Acquiring raw materials from overseas, we consider it's origins with care. After acquiring all the ingredients, the products are made in our positions here in Northern Finland. All of our products are handmade. After a customer places an order, we pack the products and send the package to the customer.